Mrs Angelle B Nkwemo

Founder & President

Believe in Africa

President and CEO at Astrategik LLC

Business Woman, Philanthropist, Author and speaker

Ms. Kwemo is President & CEO of Astrategik Group, a firm that provides international trade advisory and strategic advice to multi-dimensional entities willing to engage with Africa and emerging markets. ASG is now present in Nigeria, Morocco and Cameroon. Ms. Kwemo was Managing Director for Africa of Washington Media Group, a full services media, strategies, communication and government relations firm with offices in Washington, DC, Silicon Valley, China, and Qatar.

As a dedicated advocate and philanthropist, She Founded Believe In Africa, an organization aiming at promoting the role of the African private sector in Africa transformation and empowering Women and youth. She hosted the first Africa women in agriculture congress that led to the creation of African Women inn Agriculture and Art that is now (AWAA) a plate-form to support African rural women graduate from subsistence to commercial farming and handicraft.

A native of Cameroon, she started her career in France at Bestaux Law firm. In Douala, Cameroon, she served as the Chief of the Maritime Claims and Disputes Department, and later as the General Counsel for Bollore Technology Group and Geodis Overseas.

She worked for seven years in the U.S. Congress as Legislative Counsel for two members of the House of Representatives, including Rep. Bobby L. Rush, Senior Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Ms. Kwemo was instrumental in the U.S. Congress and played a key role in policy formulation on issues affecting the global economy.  She worked tirelessly on the passage of legislation to increase U.S. – Africa trade relations that led to the first African Leaders Summit under President Barack Obama. Ms. Kwemo was President and Founder of the Congressional African Staff Association, which aimed to educate Members of Congress, Senators and their staff on the positive progress of

HE .Aisha E. Babangida

Board Member

Chair better life fro rural women.

Aisha Babangida is a Nigerian-based humanitarian and entrepreneur focused on educating and empowering the African Rural Woman through her NGO, the Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman. She also travels all over the world discussing opportunities to promote sustainable development in developing countries and economies.

Aisha Babangida is a visionary leader in business, finance and humanitarian work. As an idea-driven professional, she has made it her mission not only to communicate her ideas and beliefs with others, but to seek out real-world applications in finance, education, entrepreneurship, and more. Without creating a conversation, Babangida believes that we stunt our chances for growth. An exchange of ideas and understandings is the first step in progress. She also believes in the power for change encapsulated by a single person.

Aisha maintains a delicate approach to leadership, taking the reins on large initiatives while also motivating and empowering her staff to achieve greatness. Babangidaherself, frequently attends conferences and events in order to better educate the masses on the plight of the rural people, specifically women and children as well as educate on new and changing trends that could help better the lives of these communities she cares for so deeply. Being from Nigeria and Africa as a whole brings a lot of misconceptions when working alongside foreign or outside aid organizations and Aisha feels as though she needs to create a more encompassing idea of what Nigeria is when talking to people who aren’t familiar with her home. She also takes it upon herself to spotlight the flaws as well as capture her home in its full-light. Everywhere has its flaws, but that doesn’t mean it does not also have beautiful things to offer.

Phanice Nyabate Mogaka

Board Member

Director of alluvial Kenya

Founder & CEO of Eye on Africa

Director of Alluvial kenya. Phanice is also founder and CEO of eye on Africa, a pan-African organization that promote development and investment across the continent. Phanice had previously worked for the united Nations, from which she was seconded to the Kenyan government. She advises a number of African governments at the presidential and ministerial levels on African development, trade and integration policy.

Phanice sits on the boards of Bliss GVS India, the samburu girls foundation and pangani alumni association. She is a founding member of the Harvard African women network (RFAH). Phanice is a former student of the Harvard Kennedy school and a scholarship recipient from stand ford university. She holds a degree in sociology and communication from Massey university in new Zealand and a postgraduate certificate in public policy form the university of southern California.

Kari Ramatou Adamou

Niger Director

She is an executive in  the ministry of public health at the national directorate of nutrition, at the office of infant and child feeding. She is passionate about female leadership, like helping with her skills. Karki ramatou has been promoted as the ambassador of breastfeeding in Niger.

Her strength lies in supporting, encouraging and promoting the vulnerable group: mother and child in Africa through simple advice to eradicate malnutrition, fight poverty and help develop hidden talents. Besides, i also have a passion to reflect and realize scents and incense for a good cause, the well-being of the African woman, promote our ancestral cultures and promote the development of women in general. For quite some time now she has been AWAA’s focal point in Niger and the president of festival of scents in Niger and Africa at large.

Mari Therese Carvalho

Partnership and government relations director

Marie Therese carvalho is a renowned strategic and business development specialist. She started her career in 1990 as a multilingual translator and worked inn various Embassies over the years. She moved into the business world by facilitating Nigerian companies expansion into many french speaking African countries. She also served as the point person for the united states chamber of commerce in west Africa. In that capacity, leading to the opening of the first African – American business center in new York with Aliko Dangote as its first Chairman.

She was recently appointed on the advisory board of the Washington based “Believe in African initiative”, also serving as partnership and government relations Director. In that capacity she helped designed the African women in agriculture and art (AWAA) business development strategy that led to an outreach of closed to 200 thousand women famers in Nigeria alone.

Maria has attended several executive educational courses over the years to help enhance her administrative skills.

Josiane Essono epouse
Pouga Mboch

Program Coordinator Cameroon

Ms pouga is a program coordinator of AWAA Cameroon chapter. In this capacity, she is responsible for the selection and management of women’s programs in Cameroon, as well as the financial activities of AWAA.

Her professional career began with internships in banking, especially in structures such as NFC Cameroon, UBA Cameroon,  and Eco bank Cameroon, where she worked as trainee client manager, operations agent or trainee analyst. Following this transition into the world of banking, she help the position of temporary auditor within CAMAIR-CO, which propelled her to carry out several audit missions related to the operation and performance of the company, but also to work on the launch of several major projects.

Currently, she is co-founder in charge of financial management of the agriculture cooperative named Bantu foods littoral and specialized in the production and marketing of food as plantain. She is also the founder of the TOGETHER association aim to help vulnerable people in the Cameroonian society. Ms pouga holds a masters in banking, currency, and finance form the institute of international relations of Cameroon (IRIC) and a bachelor in management economics from the catholic university of central Africa (UCAC)

Mrs Lucy Muchoki

Chief Executive officer, pan African Agribusiness Consortium

Lucy Muchoki is the Chief Executive Officer of the Pan African Agribusiness Consortium, (PanAAC) an agribusiness platform for Africa. Her various high-level agribusiness forum commitments include being the Private Sector Representative to the Executive Boards of Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) and the Global Forum for Agriculture and Research (GFAR).

She is a member, representing the private sector, of the African Union Commission ex- pert task force on markets and infrastructure. She is the Vice Chair of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program’s (CAADP) Non State Actors’ Taskforce and also a member of the thematic working group on the Agribusiness, Value Addition and Market Access Program in Kenya’s Agricultural Sector Coordinating Unit. An accomplished entrepreneur, MsMuchoki is a founding member of the Kenya Country Business Incubator program KEKOBI.

Beside this, she is a member of the advisory council that was tasked with guiding the UNDP report on inclusive business model. She has been serving in various advisory councils and steering committee member for various Agribusiness leadership organizations both at regional and Global level. Her main agenda is to advocate for the inclusion and leadership of the domestic private sector as the driver of Agricultural development in Africa

Lucy is a social scientist with a master degree in strategy and business management. She’s very passionate about supporting the youth through mentorship. Together with other colleagues, she founded UniBRAIN-University, Business and Research in Agricultural innovation. A program that saw more than six countries establish incubation centers in supporting the youth to start their own businesses.

Mustapha Mokass

WEF young leader, BEYA Climate Finace Advisors (Morroco)

Mustapha Mokass is a world-renowned expert in designing smart, innovative solutions to three of the most pressing challenges of our times: poverty, food insecurity and climate change. Within the World Bank and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) he focuses on innovative risk-sharing and public-private partnerships to decrease carbon emissions by scaling up the transfer of technologies towards developing countries. Since 2010, Mokass has been committed to the development of his home country by mobilizing international social investors in support of the agriculture development and the renewable energy development strategies, specifically focused on solar and wind energy. In 2011, he founded the sustainability advisory and investment firm BEYA Capital, based in Casablanca, which specializes in climate and carbon finance.

Mustapha is committed to implementing concrete financial and technological models to fight poverty and climate change in MENA and African regions. He is also the co-founder of the successful Marrakech-based ecotourism social enterprise TerresD’Amanar founded in 2005, which employs 150 people in rural areas of the Atlas Mountains. He is a visiting professor of HEC Paris Social and Sustainable Innovation Chair and has authored a book, Fostering a Global Clean Energy Market. In 2016, he was named one of the top 100 most influential leaders in Africa.

Mokass is a graduate of the Sustainable Development Program at HEC Paris and holds a Master of Science degree in urban and environmental engineering. In 2015, he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Ms. Folabit Lena Novel

Chief of Staff

Ms. Folabit Lena Novel serves as Chief of Staff for the Founder. In that capacity, she oversees all operations and activities in the Founder’s personal office. Ms. Lena is an expert in University administration, a curriculum developer and implementation. She is the All-Africa Student Union (AASU) Vice-President for Central Africa for four (4) years now, she was elected at the AASU Elective Congress that was held in the Republic of Sudan in December of 2016. In December 2019 she was invited by the European Student Union and the United Nation Higher Commission for Refugees in Geneva-Switzerland to draft a policy paper on the demands of refugees and undocumented Migrants of their Right to Education, recognition of their certificates or diplomas and right to employment suited for their qualification.

Ms. Lena was nominated in 2018 by AASU’s Secretary-General, H.E Mr. Peter KwasiKodjie to represent AASU in Berlin Germany, for the Scholars at Risk Global Congress to discuss issues pertaining to academics and students at risk in Africa. She was the only student selected from her country Cameroon and amongst the 16 from across Africa to participate at the Tuning Africa Phase II meeting that was held in Accra-Ghana in October 2016 added to her credit was the presentation she did on student workload that earned her a certificate from the university of Deusto-Spain. Her hard work and her leadership role earned her an award at the 6th ASYS in August 2017 as the “most enterprising Student Leader of the year 2017” that took place in Accra-Ghana and a Gold Medal and an Ambassadorial certificate from the Organization for African Development at the same event.

A native from Cameroon Ms. Lena is versatile, hardworking, academically oriented and is developing a Higher Education Network targeting graduates across Africa. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in Higher Education at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa; she holds a Masters in Higher Education Governance and the development of Local Institutions from the University of Yaoundé II Soa-Cameroon and a B. Ed in Curriculum Studies and Teaching/ History from the University of Buea, -Cameroon, she did a semester on Curriculum Studies at the North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, Republic of South Africa.

Mr Sidibe Birima

Birima Sidibe est un ingénieur qui s’est spécialisé dans l’irrigation. Depuis plus de 30 ans, il officie dans le secteur du développement. Et il a travaillé pour la BAD de 1983 à 2006. Il a aussi opéré au sein de la Banque de Développement Islamique et de l’Organisation du fleuve Sénégal.